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This is one of the most common questions I am asked so thought it would be a good use in my first sermon.

As you all know we are each nothing more than a collection of electrical impulses in the brain made up of our experiences, these experiences are what help to shape and mould who we are, our physical bodies are jut a shell of tissue and organs that help to keep us in the corporeal state for a short time.
Now the soul of each of us is much like that of our minds, each soul also known as a higher self is just the collection of energies and experiences of our lives, these build up making us much more, slowly adding to our knowledge and ability and this is how we advance through each life.
Much like our heart spreads blood around our bodies through our veins we also have Chakras and energy pathways running through our bodies allowing us access into the Astral realm, and use the energy of our soul.
In the present day and age through hundreds of years of oppressing knowledge we do not have much access to our higher selves until we take the time to meditate and open our chakras, as we do this we open a small pathway connecting up even more to our souls which helps us to remember past lives and uncover knowledge we never knew we had, even abilities like martial arts or musical talent due to a past life, although people call this "past life regression" it is nothing but a stronger connection to their souls.
Our lives are shaped by not only our experiences and free will but also from the experiences of our soul which helps to push us to follow certain things in our current lives, more commonly in music or any other creative outlet, these were gifts from Enki allowing us to express ourselves in other ways and are a strong love of humanity thus is why we have a large connection with them from life to life.
Even the meaning of life has a simplicity in this, as we exist on a plane beyond the corporeal we still need to advance and grow there and by intermingling these 2 worlds we are able to gather the experience we need to do so, (more of this will be explained on a later sermon to do with dark matter and energy and offer real explanations and sciences behind it that modern science has yet to explain).

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